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Pandit Vijay Varma is the acclaimed astrologer and the best Indian astrologer and spiritual healer in US and Canada who has helped thousands of people to live better life by more awareness about themselves and their relationship with planetary positions.

Vedic Astrology is an integral part of Indian tradition and people’s lives for thousands of years and is deeply rooted in modern culture as well. We face ups and downs in every walk of our life and strive to conquer every problem that we face. For years people are taking respite in Astrology during the time of problems in their life and when they want to come out of it unblemished. And also every imperative decision that one needs to take in life, Astrology had been the beacon to reckon. In Vedic science Astrology in an art of mastery, and it takes tremendous Indian astrologer efficacy and alignment with universal power for one to have greater command in this field.

Pandit Vijay Varma is one such exclusive personality with immense Indian astrologer power and strong will to help people to lead peaceful and successful life despite of the life problems they face.

Pandit Vijay Varma hails from traditional Indian family who has learnt and practiced Astrology and Vedas right from his young age and has empowered thousands of people from US and Canada and all over the world by his Indian astrologer intervention and guidance for many years. People who have faced numerous problems such as Family Problems, Spouse Problems, Love Issues, Job Problems, Business Problems, Money Problems, Relationship breakups, Property issues and Court cases and so on, have approached Pandit Vijay Varma and have found appropriate solutions and have moved on with life mellifluously.

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Pandit Vijay Varma

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What Clients say?

I had my first reading with Pandit Vijay Varma. Oh my goodness what can I say? The best telephone medium reading I have ever had! The evidence he gave to prove it was my lovely Nan was mind blowing. Stuff that you just couldn’t guess at. Bless you Pandit Vijay Varma after the tough few years I’ve been through you have given me hope in the knowledge that my love ones are around me at all times.

Miss Samantha Smith Georgia, USA

I have had many readings with Pandit Vijay Varma and I can only say that this man NEVER disappoints me. He is always consistent in his readings. Whenever I feel low or having a panic moment, Pandit Vijay Varma always uplifts my spirit and immediately makes me feel better and at ease. Pandit Vijay Varma is a true Medium and one special and very gifted man. Thank you Pandit Vijay Varma for all your advice and I look forward to our next reading together very soon. God bless you.

Mr Santiago Texas, USA

I am really satisfied with your predictions & the precision which I getting experienced in situation of my husband. I had asked some concerns concerning my spouse nearly 1 year back & your forecasts were great as well as exact together with the tips you had given to fix some of our problems. Thank you!

Miss Sumina Rana Ontario, Canada

I have visited many psychics with disappointing results, but consultation with Pandit Vijay Varma was an astonishing experience. He was so calm and knowledgeable. He was able to tell about me, as if he was reading my life. He suggested me simple remedies which completely changed my life. I am indebted to him, for his help.

Ms Brinsley Anderson Lyn Lake, Canada

Thank you, life has dealt some cruel cards to me but you just gave me a little bit of hope, your reading was very calming considering how upset I was...again thank you.

Miss Sumina Rana Mo-Illinois, USA

I would like to say a massive thank you to Pandit Vijay Varma he was such a nice man. The reading he gave me was brilliant. No one would have ever known the information he gave me. He has assisted me in moving on and facing life with a more positive outlook. Thank you so much again

Abdul Kamil Arkansas, USA

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